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Jane: Didn’t go far for treatment

Jane Flanders was nervous when she was the first in her family to be diagnosed with cancer; stage 3 ovarian cancer. However, her nervousness was soon an assignment to pay it forward, as she felt it was her turn to participate in a clinical trial with the Georgia Cancer Center at Augusta University.

Jane feels “blessed” that she didn’t have to go far for treatment.

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  • I just watched your video. You are so brave, and so pretty in your green outfit!
    We are so very fortunate to have the health care facilities in the Augusta area.
    Thank the good Lord for them. Praying for a complete cure of cancer for
    you, and everyone. Love you.

  • Jane, I just watched your video this morning. You have the faith and support to get you through this. Your outlook on life is a big plus for you. I always seeing you and I just pray for a full recovery for you. You are such an inspiration for others who have cancer. Love you.