Sickle Cell Center holds “Forever in Our Hearts” tribute for patients

AU Health and the Center for Blood Disorder with the Sickle Cell Center have partnered to raise awareness of Sickle Cell and honor patients and families of those who have passed. Pinwheels have been placed outside the Shepeard Building and bubbles were blown to pay tribute as a part of the “Forever in Our Hearts” event.

September marks Sickle Cell Awareness Month, putting attention on the deadly disease and the need for continued research and treatments. The disease affects red blood cells, the Hemoglobin creates a sickle-shaped cell creating complications to the patients blood flow.

AU Health’s Sickle Cell Center was founded in 1972 at the Medical College of Georgia, and has been as a leader in research and patient care under Augusta University.

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Chris Mullooly

Media Relations Specialist at Augusta University Health