Nominees sought for Pat Sodomka Leadership, Family Choice awards

Awards on a table
Written by Lisa Kaylor

The Center for Patient and Family Centered Care is accepting nominations for two employee awards.

The Patricia K. Sodomka Leadership Award recognizes a member of leadership that exemplifies Sodomka’s leadership and legacy. As a physical therapy clinician, hospital administrator and healthcare executive, Sodomka was a patient advocate and gracious visionary leader. She was a national and international leader in Patient- and Family-Centered Care. She viewed patient/family partnerships in care, teaching and learning as the essence of PFCC and as a powerful tool to improve the quality and safety of patient care.

Qualified candidates are members of AU Health System leadership at the level of manager or higher. They motivate and inspire others to further the culture of PFCC, and demonstrate the ability to lead by creating or developing programs, projects or activities that impact the enterprise through PFCC practices.

The ideal candidate also develops creative ways to accomplish goals and objectives, shares ideas with their teams and empowers others to strengthen and enrich PFCC culture. They are recognized by others for their dedication to achieving the results that continue the PFCC journey, as well as for their commitment to the success of PFCC. They demonstrate the ability to listen and communicate effectively and display high levels of optimism and confidence. Like Sodomka, they are passionate in what they do and have high levels of patience and dedication.

The Family Choice Awards are presented to individuals who treat patients with dignity and respect. These candidates take time to explain things to patients and their families understand their care, and they build on the patients’ and families’ strengths. These winners support families in ways that are important to them, listen to them and value their opinions and include patients and their families as part of the care team.

Nominations for the Patricia K. Sodomka Leadership Award and  Family Choice Award are due by Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2023. Nominate employees by submitting the linked web forms.

Winners will be announced at the 16th annual PFCC Conference on March 9.