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Patient- and Family-Centered Care presents PFCC Awards at annual conference

The annual Patient- and Family Centered Care (PFCC) awards were presented during the 16th Annual PFCC Conference on March 9. These awards honor individuals and teams that embody patient- and family-centered care principles daily and model these practices for those around them.

The four annual awards presented are:

Family Choice Award: This award honors individuals who listen to patients and families and value their opinions. They treat patients and families with dignity and respect, and build on their strengths. They support patients in ways that are important to them and include them on the care team.

The 2022Family Choice Award recipients are Kristina Blackburn, RN/Care Coordinator, NICU; Alyssa Bryant, Physical Therapist; Jennifer Davis, Nurse Practitioner, Structural Heart Program; Beth Fisher, Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Palliative Care; Katy Slagle, Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric GI.

PFCC Partnership Award: This award honors innovative partnerships among patients, families and health care professionals. It recognizes that developing partnerships through teamwork is the heart of the health care system and coincides with culture change. This award values teams of health care professionals, patients and families who, through their collaboration, are changing health care. The 2022 PFCC Partnership Award was presented to the Office of Legal Affairs and Risk Management.

PFCC Ambassador Award: This award highlights an individual who has exemplary achievements in being a change-agent, an influencer and a motivator. This person embodies the tenants of PFCC — respect and dignity, information sharing, collaboration and participation — and models it for staff in practive and program development. This individual is looked upon as a leader and motivator. The 2022 PFCC Ambassador Award recipient is Dr. Thad Wilkins.

Pat Sodomka Leadership Award: This award was established to honor the late Patricia K. Sodomka and her legacy at Augusta University Health. Pat was a visionary leader, patient advocate, clinician, health care administrator and executive. She believed partnership was the essence of patient- and family-centered care. The individual receiving this award is a motivator, effective communicator, passionate, and creative in her approach to programs and projects. The 2022 Pat Sodomka Leadership Award is Dr. Sharon Beall.