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Every day is Doctors’ Day to the Fulghum family

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Written by Chris Mullooly

Doctors’ Day is a time to celebrate the hardworking doctors and their teams for the dedication and contribution to the healthcare system and the people in our community. 

For BonnieAnne Fulghum, every day feels like doctors’ day. 

“I really can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for our family,” said Fulghum. “I’ve never been so happy to see anybody in my life as the team who pulled up at the Aiken hospital to transport him to AU Health.” 

The Fulghum’s celebrated the birth of their son, Dawson, 25 years ago. Shortly after, Dawson started having problems with his health and the Fulghum family was in and out of the hospital. An adverse reaction to his DTaP shot was the first of the issues. 

He suffered from seizures and at times would stop breathing entirely. Doctors at one point on Christmas day weren’t sure Dawson would make it through the night. 

Once Children’s Hospital of Georgia doctors were finally able to have Dawson’s seizures under control, there was the hypospadias repair surgery. He also developed intellectual disabilities, but always trusted the doctors at Children’s. 

Bonnie and Dawson Fulgham

Dawson and Bonnie Fulgham were seen in AU Health’s Doctors’ Day video, where they thanked the wonderful staff at Children’s Hospital and AU Health!

“Unfortunately, if it could go wrong, it seemed like it went wrong. The whole time, we were just so appreciative of all the doctors that walked alongside us,” said Fulghum. “It’s a success story and we’re still seeing doctors over at the hospital now.” 

The Fulghum’s have gone to pediatricians for everything from EEG’s to pulled teeth. Every day is a blessing for the family, and remembering how dire Dawson’s health was, they don’t take his health now for granted. 

“If it’s a tooth he lost or birthday, a milestone in school – we made it into a huge celebration. We’ve enjoyed every milestone more because we weren’t supposed to have it.” 

Almost 25 years later, the Fulghums were at AU Health again under different circumstances. Bonnie’s father-in-law was in the shock trauma unit after breaking two vertebrae, his neck, and his nose after a fall. He passed away from his injuries, but the Fulghum’s said it was not the fault of the doctors and nurses who were in that unit. 

“They were very understanding and loving. They walked us through a very difficult time and made it as easy as it could be. It sounds crazy, but they guided us with a loving hand,” she said. “Sometimes people are very blunt, but they didn’t do that. I still remember all the nurses’ names on the shock trauma staff, they were so supportive and made the doctors’ jobs easier.” 

On March 30, we honor the ones who see us 365 days a year. Their dedication puts the patient first every time, so we say “thank you” to our physicians for all they do for us. 

Here are some ways you can observe National Doctors’ Day: 

We will share your special messages with your honoree on Doctors’ Day.

  • Make a gift in your doctor’s honor to AU Medical Center, the Children’s Hospital of Georgia or the Georgia Cancer Center at www.augustahealth.org/doctorsday 

All gifts received will be directed to meet the greatest needs in our patient care programs unless a donor names a specific area. 

  • Use #NationalDoctorsDay to post on social media and tag #AugustaUniversityHealth