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Roary joins The GreenJackets’ Auggie in encouraging children to read

Each year, Augusta University Health and the Augusta GreenJackets partner for Auggie’s Reading Program. For each book a child reads, he or she advances to another base. Kids who reach home plate get a free ticket to a pre-selected GreenJackets game and discounted tickets for mom and dad.

Wednesday was the first “Reading Activation” game, and Roary was there to join in on the fun. Auggie and Roary led the young readers on a parade around the bases and took pictures with willing participants.

Future dates are April 30, May 14, and May 23 – the latter of which includes a Down on the Farm theme with a petting zoo. Kids can get a pamphlet from their school to track their reading progress, and parents can redeem online for tickets.

Wednesday’s theme was Wizards and Wands for kids at SRP Park, where AU Health set up a booth as part of a job and career fair. Click through a slideshow below to see some of the fun the kids shared with Roary.