Revenue Cycle receives 2023 Optum Customer Service Platinum Award

Group of people posing for photo, one holding an award
Written by Lisa Kaylor

On Thursday, Wellstar MCG Health’s Revenue Cycle Department was recognized with the 2023 Optum Customer Excellence Platinum Award.

The team received the award for improving revenues as well as patient experience using Optum’s AccuReg software.

According to Jennifer Ruda, Vice President of Revenue Cycle at Wellstar MCG Health, patients often paid bills after receiving treatment, which resulted in about $3.5 million of medical bills collected at the time of treatment.

By using AccuReg, Wellstar MCG Health has been able to collect $9 million in costs up front – at the time of treatment.

“Collecting up front is actually more successful and it actually costs the organization less money than if we do it on the back end,” Ruda said. “And it’s not about collecting. It’s about partnerships and making sure the patients know what they are responsible for. They need to know what they’re getting into when they’re coming to get health services.

Representatives from Optim, which produces AccuReg software for revenue cycle, were on site to present the team with the award.