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Wellstar MCG Health celebrates MLK Day with special program featuring former UN Ambassador and Congressman Andrew Young

Written by Natalie Walters

Wellstar team members convened on Thursday, Jan. 11, for a live-streamed celebration honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., reflecting on his contributions and expressing deep reverence for his ongoing impact.

The event featured a performance from members of the world-renowned choir, Kevin Lemons’ Higher Calling. The main event was an insightful conversation between  former congressman, United Nations ambassador and mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young, who was also a Civil Rights icon and close friend to Dr. King, and Monica Pearson, former Atlanta news anchor and current host for CBS46 and Peachtree TV.

This joyous celebration took place at the renowned Ebenezer Baptist Church, in the heart of historic Auburn Avenue in Atlanta. Serving as a central hub for several pivotal moments in the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. King’s ministry, Ebenezer provided a powerful setting for the program.  

Ambassador Young and Monica’s discussion focused on Dr. King’s insightful words, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” 

During their dialogue, Ambassador Young shares firsthand experiences from his work alongside Dr. King, including reflecting on how Dr. King’s first speech came to be recorded, how the King family’s role and influence in the Atlanta business community contributed to the legacy of Ebeneezer Baptist Church and the global reaction to Dr. King winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He also addresses his instrumental role in the Civil Rights Movement, the importance of Black and White Atlantans working together and the contributions of many well-known Civil Rights leaders and Georgians. 

Ambassador Young concludes by emphasizing the importance of healthcare team members, noting that this work is critical to the progress and prosperity of every city. He underscores that robust, balanced healthcare systems like Wellstar are essential to the survival of every community and to the health and well-being of their members.  

If you were unable to attend the live event or wish to watch it again, click on the video below. 

This program was pre-recorded in October 2023 at Ebenezer Baptist Church. The conversation was held in front of a live audience including Wellstar leaders, team members and our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging team.  

Wellstar was honored to recognize the life and legacy of American Civil Rights Movement leader and activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., through the making of this program.