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February SHINE Award: Central Supply

Written by Natalie Walters

Central Supply is like the Target for medical supplies for the organization. 

Central Distribution is where a variety of medical supplies and equipment are stocked for the hospital.  The staff counts and restocks the different par locations throughout the hospital, pulls “bulk” requisition orders, assists customers requesting supplies or equipment, picks up dirty equipment and cleans and stages for delivery when requested. 

Distribution also maintains and distributes code carts and the various isolation carts used throughout the hospital. 

Besides receiving all products ordered for the hospital, the receiving department delivers the bulk orders and picks up “surplus” request orders and takes them to the off-site storage building.  

Jamie Coffee

Jamie Coffee is the Director of Supply Chain for Wellstar MCG Health. She joined the WMCG family in February 2008 and accepted the role of Director of Supply Chain in June 2022. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Business and a concentration in management from Brenau University with a minor in finance.  She was nominated for, and accepted, the Phi Kappa Phi and Brenau Honor Societies. She is a member of AHRMM, the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management.

She enjoys the opportunities that working in supply chain and healthcare has to offer. She was born in Augusta, Ga. but was raised in New Jersey, spending a lot of time in Philadelphia, where she enjoyed the history the city has to offer. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her husband of 16 years, her three beautiful daughters, and their son, who they adopted in September 2023. The beach is her absolute favorite place, and her favorite hobby is reading.

Jorge Melendez

I am an Inventory Control Coordinator. I originally started working in the Adult OR as a Supply Specialist for 10 years, eventually finding the position that I am in about one-and-a-half years ago. I have a beautiful family and a 14-year-old who runs our household. I have a passionate love for sports, specifically basketball, and love traveling with my family whenever possible.

Vivian Stone

I have been an Administrative Assistant with Wellstar/MCG for over a year. I have 30 years of experience in the medical field, including six years as a Telemetry Technician and Unit Clerk with MCG. My husband and I have three children, and will soon have our second grandchild in a few weeks. In this department, we all try to work together to ensure that the job gets done. I am grateful to be a part of a department that is dedicated to its work.

Dexter Benefield

I am Dexter Benefield, Supply Chain Manager here at Wellstar MCG.  I have been in the position for 15 months.  I have over 25 years of experience working within supply chain at other hospitals in Georgia and New York.  I am married with two kids, who are both adults.  I am looking forward to the new challenges we are embarking on as an organization and strive to make my department better with each step. I enjoy spending time with family, at the gym, doing sudoku puzzles and watching movies or sports.

Sonya Lakoduk 

I am the supervisor for central supply and have worked here for the past four years.  

Sheena Alexander 

I have worked in Central Supply for the past 17 months. I like to bake, travel and try different foods. My favorite restaurant is in Houston, Texas and serves Boudin Balls.  

Donald Kitchens 

I’ve been working at Wellstar now for a few months. I don’t have any children, just two little dogs (Mr. McGoo and Shadow Spookenstein). My fiancée, Bridgett, and I have been together for 13 years. I have been her caregiver for five years since she was diagnosed with L.A.M disease. My Sister, Nicole Stein, is also a buyer for the hospital. In my spare time, I enjoy collecting and listening to vinyl records and walking the dogs.  

Sonny Alapatt

Sonny Alapatt moved to the U.S. in 2012 from Kerala, India. Sonny’s journey with Augusta University Health spans a decade, including three years of volunteering at the beginning of his career. He has been working as a central supply specialist where he aided in the timely and accurate distribution and delivery of supplies to various departments within the hospital, contributing to the smooth operation of medical services at Augusta University Health. In his personal life, Sonny is a devoted family man, celebrating 26 years of marriage with his wife, Tency Alapatt, who worked at Augusta University for nine years. Together, they have raised two children, including Vinaya Thomas, currently pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology after completing her MS from AU; and Vimal Alapatt, a recent cybersecurity graduate from AU who is soon to take a federal job in West Virginia. Outside his job, Sonny finds joy in gardening, cooking and engaging in various outdoor activities.

Lenton Oatman III

I am rooting for the Chiefs in the Superbowl, but I am truly a Steelers fan. I have worked in central supply for the past five months. 

Bobbie Moore

I have worked at AU for the past 31 years. I am married with two children and two grandchildren. I am getting ready to retire and plan to do some traveling after retirement. I  like to have “me” time and cook for others. 

Kiyana Daniel

I have worked in central supply for the past nine months. I like to do hair and shop in my free time. I have one son, Zachary, and enjoy being a housewife and taking care of the home. 

Justin Smith

I have worked in central supply for the past year and eight months. I am a hard worker and just enjoying life. 

Eric Hughes

I have been working in central supply for one year and 10 months. I enjoy watching football and pull for the Ravens. 

Paul Simione

I have three grown sons. I live in Augusta, Ga. and am originally from Boston, Mass. I enjoy football. I coach a semi-pro football team here in Augusta, the North Augusta Seahawks. I have been in warehousing for over 40 years. 

James Eskridge

I have worked in Central Supply for two years and four months. I like to watch and play basketball. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I also like to watch the Falcons play football.

Troy Reynolds

I have worked in Central Supply for the past seven years. I enjoy being at work. 

Leroy Sinclair

I have worked in Central Supply for one year. I enjoy being at work. In my spare time, I like to travel and watch the Golden State Warriors play basketball. 

Tony Williams

I have worked in Central Supply for the past four years. In my spare time, I like to watch/ play football, basketball and bowling. 

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