Community Catalyst

Dr. Beulah Nash-Teachey
Founder, Concerned Black Nurses of the CSRA

By day she spends her time leading Augusta’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. However, Dr. Beulah Nash-Teachey’s mission to empower and educate African American communities doesn’t stop when the workday ends.

“I’m just one person,” she said. “But working together with the others in the community can help us accomplish great works.”

Dr. Nash-Teachey’s desire to help men and women be better educated about their health led her to create the Concerned Black Nurses of the CSRA organization in 2007. They organize a variety of community-based outreach events to educate people about health care. The Georgia Cancer Center is proud to work with Dr. Nash-Teachey and her organization to teach people about their risks for breast cancer, prostate cancer and the steps they can take to protect their health.

“Sometimes people don’t have the resources they need to go see a doctor,” Nash-Teachey said. “However, if we bring the information they need to their church, to a community health fair, to their neighborhood center, then they have access where they live.”

We salute Dr. Nash-Teachey for her commitment to our community and for being a catalyst to providing needed community education.

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