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Breast cancer patient grateful for the Georgia Cancer Center

Written by Henry Hanks

Having a new baby is a joyous occasion for any mother, and with Courtney Johnson’s third child, that was certainly the case. However, while nursing the baby, she discovered something was wrong.

“I had my daughter, my third child, in April,” she said. “I found lumps because I was breastfeeding and I didn’t think it was anything other than milk. After a month, my milk supply dried up and two weeks went by and the lumps were still there.”

This past June, the 29-year-old Johnson went to her doctor and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“This was a shock to everyone,” she said, as she had no history of cancer in her family.

She started getting treatments at the Georgia Cancer Center the following month.

“I started getting tested, and I immediately went into chemo two weeks later,” she said.

Johnson comes in every Wednesday to undergo chemotherapy, which will continue until December.

What could be a scary process for anyone has been easy for Johnson, thanks to the staff at the cancer center.

“The center is wonderful. They provide snacks, warm blankets and everything,” she said. “They’re constantly checking up on me, so if I need anything, I don’t hesitate to ask.”

Johnson will receive ongoing treatment throughout 2020, but she feels confident going forward thanks to her experience at the Cancer Center.
“I’ve been blessed enough to have minimal side effects,” she said. “The staff here make it a good experience for me. The doctors and nurses have been wonderful.“

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