Employee Pharmacy will move July 26

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Written by Lisa Kaylor

The AU Health Employee Pharmacy is moving this month.

The pharmacy, located on the first floor of the Children’s Hospital of Georgia, will be closed on July 25 and will reopen on July 26 in its new location in Professional Building One.

The move will provide more convenience for employees and more space and is part of a larger move toward more centralized pharmacy services, said Dr. Rashad Darby, Community Pharmacy Manager.

“A lot of our centralized pharmacy services were relocated to this area,” he said. “This move will allow us to serve a larger group of patients and employees.”

As the preferred pharmacy for the health system, the employee pharmacy is often substantially cheaper for patients – especially those who are on the hospital’s health insurance plan – and prescriptions will typically be filled within 20 minutes, said Dustin Rinehart, Employee Pharmacy Supervisor.

“If patients have a prescription for a 90-day supply of a medication and they go to another pharmacy, it cannot be filled for more than 30 days at a time,” he said. “But if they have the hospital insurance, it allows us to fill prescriptions for the full up to 90 days.”

Rinehart said in addition, the staff automatically tries to find qualifying discounts for brand name medications.

“If it’s a brand name medicine that has a coupon code, we’re going to find that coupon code and apply it so that medication is cheaper for the patient, without being asked to do so. We really emphasize trying to get the cheapest cost for the patient,” he said.

The employee pharmacy is open 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. It will continue to be the preferred location for employees. Patients will also be able to use the Professional Building One location, providing them with a second option in addition to the retail pharmacy on the second floor of Children’s Hospital of Georgia. The new location be a full retail pharmacy for the health system and the local community.

Parking will be available in the medical center parking deck or in the student center lot.

For Augusta University/AU Health employees who do not work at the medical center, the pharmacy offers a courier service to deliver prescriptions to AU campuses around Augusta.

For more information, call the Employee Pharmacy at 706-723-0900.

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