AU Health celebrates Provider Top Performers

Written by Staff

Congratulations to our Star Performers! These providers achieved a 4.9- or 5-star rating from our patient experience verified patient survey ratings. Increasingly, patients have a greater interest in reviewing information that helps them choose their providers. More than 83% of patients search online to find a physician, even after being referred to a physician. Also, 70% of patients report that online ratings and patient reviews have influenced their healthcare decisions. AU Health recently launched the Physicians Transparency initiative and provides verified patient reviews on our Find-a-Provider website. These patient experience scores were converted to Star Ratings so consumers can make informed decisions about their healthcare.

We are extremely proud to recognize our providers for practicing patient- and family-centered care as recognized by our patients! This has resulted in 95% of our providers earning Star Ratings above 4.5 stars, nearly a four-point score increase in Practice Site survey outcomes in the Provider domain in three months, and a significant boost in search engine optimization so that patients now see our verified patient data before seeing third-party data. Congratulations to our Star Performers. Let’s continue to shoot for the stars!

All-Stars (5 Stars)

Thaddeus Y. Carson, MD
Jorge E. Cortes, MD
Julie Dahl-Smith, DO
Marian S. Johnson, MD
Namita Mohanty, MD
Jonell B. Poe, PA
Pascha E. Schafer, MD
Meghan K. Sterett, PA
Jeff “Thad” Wilkins, MD

Super Stars (4.9 Stars)

Alicia Arnold, MD
Vishal Arora, MD
Jennifer “Celese” Beaudreau, MD
Matthew D. Belcher, MD
Connor J. Biskamp, MD
Amy R. Blanchard, MD
Kelli M. Braun, MD
Stephen R. Broadwater, MD
Locke J. Bryan, MD
Ricky R. Byrd, MD
Andrew W. Chao, MD
Janis S. Coffin, DO
William J. Conkright, MD
Loretta S. Davis, MD
Karmen L. Elsen, PA
Amy J. Estes, MD
David J. Fallaw, MD
James R. Gossage Jr., MD
Christopher M. Hall, PA
Laura D. Hartmann, MD
Robyn M. Hatley, MD
Jennifer P. Herbert, MD
Sarah Hodge, MD
David “Monte” Hunter, MD
Carlos M. Isales, MD
Muhammad U. Javaid, DO
Kimberly B. Jester, MD
Wanfda D. Jirau-Rosaly, MD
Coleman R. King, MD
Erin L. Latif, MD
Christopher C. Ledford, MD
Sara E. Lipani, PA
Janie McKenzie, MD
Emily J. Meeks, NP
Daniel L. Miller, MD
Anthony L. Mulloy, DO
Lauren M. Newhall, DO
Matthew S. Nicholson, MD
Sharon M. Palmer, MD
Charlton J. Pickett, MD
Pamela B. Pilcher, NP
Marc A. Rhodes, NP
Michael F. Roberts, MD
Martin J. Rutkowski, MD
Bunja J. Rungruang, MD
Ashley N. Saucier, MD
Amanda “Meredith” Saxon, NP
Elizabeth A. Sekul, MD
Daniel D. Sharbel, MD
Musa A. Sharkawi, MBBCH
Daniel A. Sohinki, MD
Anthony V. Smith, MD
Suzanne H. Smith, MD
Clay N. Stallworth, MD
Hamer M. Titus, MD
Fernando L. Vale, MD
Andrew L. Van Alstine, MD
Jose A. Vazquez, MD
Tyler B. Vines, MD
Paige C. Ward, MD
Neal L. Weintraub, MD
Robert G. Willson, MD
Rebecca P. Yang, MD