Pathways to Purpose and Passion at Wellstar MCG Health: Christa Butler

Stethoscope in shape of heart on blue background
Written by Lisa Kaylor

Name:  Christa D. Butler

Current Job Title: Director, Clinical Nursing Resource Management

Years of service at AU Health: 28 years

Job title when you were hired: Senior Patient Care Assistant

Did you plan for your career to take the path it has? No, I envisioned my career progressing more in the area of practice vs. administration. I never aspired to be a leader of a department, but had planned to advance my practice at the bedside.

To what do you attribute your success in your field? My success is primarily attributed to the grace and mercy of the Lord as well as those that have paid it forward on my behalf. Specifically, I was given an opportunity to bloom where I was planted because someone saw something in me that could be of benefit to the organization. I’m forever grateful to those that came before me to pave the way.

What is one thing you have learned along the way? I have learned that the tasks associated with work are necessary. However, it’s all about “the people.” Connecting, collaborating, and taking care of the people is a must in order to successfully care for our patients. I have seen many leaders focus on the task and not the people, to their demise. Fortunately, I learned very early this important key to success.

What has made you want to stay at Wellstar MCG Health? I have remained at Wellstar MCG Health because of the people, as well as the abundance of opportunities here. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work in several different departments with varying specialties, expanding my practice and knowledge in the profession. It is these kinds of growth opportunities that have made me into the Nurse Executive that I am today.

What advice would you have for someone starting in a role similar to your first one? Learn all that you can! Anytime that you’re presented with a chance to experience something new, even if it’s not what you think you want to do, explore it! Most of the jobs that I have had in my career were born out of something new, something different, something that I knew very little about. Don’t be afraid to step out!